Diddy Gifts 14-Year Old Fashion Entrepreneur Trey Brown With $25k Business Grant On Ellen


SPERGO is a boutique fashion collection and combination of comfortable luxury clothing owned by 14-year old Trey Brown,. The collection includes hoodies, sweatsuits, accessories and boxer briefs, and caters to both genders as well as children.

SPERGO was created in January 2018 with Trey’s birthday money of $178. Trey took what he had and decided to make it something bigger and to show others that at any age, anything is possible.

The brand has also caught the attention of celebrities such as Meek Mill and Da Baby, that can be seen wearing his brand, but one celebrity in particular took a different approach.

Trey recently made an appearance on Ellen where he shares how fashion and music icon Sean Diddy Combs has been one of his biggest inspirations that ultimately led him to launching his brand.

“When I started, I looked at Mr. Sean for inspiration,” he continues “He’s from New York. He’s a hustler just like me.”

Ellen then surprises with Trey, with news that she’s arranged for Diddy and Trey to meet. That’s not all, she also presents Trey with a business grant!

“This kid would call me every single day. I don’t know how he got my number. And he didn’t regular-call me neither,” Diddy explains on the show and then gifts the young entrepreneur with a $25,000 check.

“He would FaceTime me and I was just blown away by his tenacity, by his focus, the quality of his manufacturing, you are a prime example of who we are going to be giving out Black Excellence Entrepreneurial grants to.”

To keep up with Trey Brown and Spergo, he can be found on Instagram @Spergobillionaire, Twitter @officialspergo and Facebook @Spergo0fficial and his website www.spergo.com