DMX Will Be Honored During The Opening of Universal Hip Hop Museum


With the recent passing of Hip-Hop legend DMX, and this sending shockwaves through community; the Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx, NY. is set to create an archival collection commemorating the late rapper.

DMX had suffered a heart attack a week earlier reportedly from an alleged drug overdose on April 2nd. He was described as being in grave condition at a White Plains, New York, hospital.

The rapper had unfortunately passed away on April 9th.

The museum plans to create a collection and archive that DMX will be included in. It will properly recognize his contributions to the rap landscape.

“If Tupac was the heart of hip-hop, DMX was the soul. DMX was that realness, that grittiness, he didn’t create the grittiness of DMX to rap — that’s who he was,” Chief Curator Paradise Gray, who says X was also a talented poet and actor, tells  Bronx News12.

The Universal Hip Hop Museum, is located in the Mott Haven neighborhood, and is scheduled to open in 2024 to celebrate hip hop.