With his new album Scorpion dropping in just a few weeks and after taking a major L from his rap beef with Pusha T and having a picture of him in blackface surfacethat had everyone talking, Drake bounced back with a new video to his latest single I’m Upset. This isn’t your ordinary music video, for Drake pulled the heartstrings of millennials and took us all back to the early 2000’s to his old stomping grounds at Degrassi High. The music video features most all his former cast mates from the hit series Degrassi: The Next Generation. The video takes place at the famous Degrassi High school, showcasing all of the old cast members that brought back a nostalgic feeling to all who watched the show.

Whether you watched the show or not, there was a massive buzz on Twitter and Instagram that either made you want to start watching the famous serious it or relive it. Some are calling Drake a marketing ‘genius,‘ dropping hits and creative videos always at the ‘right’ time. Tweets like “Drake just gave me the Degrassi reunion of my dreams” and “ Drake didn’t have to do us like this. This is the best I’ve seen in a while.” So when you think about it, does Drakeever take an L?

With all the hype from the I’m Upset video, there are still some people who are waiting on Drake’s response to Pusha T’s diss track The Story of Adidon. Whether or not Drake responds to the diss track or not, he’s not slowing down and isn’t letting anything stop him. Are you going to listen to Drake’s new album or are you over him? Summer 2018 is almost here; you might need some new captions for those new pics.