Actress Drew Barrymore Launches Her Very First Daytime Talk Show


Golden Globe star Drew Barrymore introduces her new Daytime Talk Show “The Drew Barrymore Show”. The show will include multiple components, with first kicking off a reunion with former co-stars “Charlie’s Angels” Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. The trio will learn how to prepare the dish “Chef Haile Thomas’ Islander Lively Bow” Segments such as “Drews News” and Designed by Drew” will touch on a more human, family oriented, at home perspective.

Drew’s Daytime Show launches on all stations across the globe, the exact station for you can be found here.

Drew explains how her show will touch on multiple components, “I am not one person, I am not one mood, I am not one thing, I am such a mixed bag myself,” she said. “I want a show that represents all of the different things that we are interested in.”

Drew also reflects on how gaining her show has made her so much more humble. “It’s crazy, I’ve never felt more humble and grateful in my entire life than I do right now to be alive, to have two kids that are healthy, to be amongst this crew and this team and getting this opportunity,” she said. “I don’t know how I ended up here, but I’ll never lose sight and I never have lost sight of how lucky I am.”

We can’t wait to continue to see what’s in store for the one and only Drew Barrymore!