Dwayne Wade Executive Produced Docuseries ‘Legacy’ on Famous Athletes Kids


Could you imagine living a life where every action you take is heavily scrutinized by the public? Or growing up being held to high expectations of what you should become based off of your parent’s success? Being the child of a famous athlete might seem like fun on the outside but that’s not necessarily the case.

Children of famous athletes grow up in the shadow of their parents and society unfairly holds them to high standards especially if they decide to play the same sport. To give us a closer look at the lives of children born to professional athletes, Dwayne Wade has executive produced a docuseries titled “Legacy” starring himself and son Zaire Wade.

The docuseries will take a closer look at how children of famous athletes deal with the fame and pressure. Here’s all that we know so far on the series. 

According to BckOnline the documentary will be produced by digital-media company whistle, directed by Johnathon Hock and airing on Wal-Mart’s streaming service Vudu. Legacy will tell the stories of several rising athletes who have famous professional athletes as parents. The eight-episode docuseries will star Zaire Wade as he navigates his senior year playing basketball for Sierra Canyon High School as a NCAA Division I basketball prospect.

“I’m proud to executive produce ‘Legacy’ and bring my son’s unique athletic journey to other aspiring young athletes,” Wade said in a statement. “I hope this docuseries leaves viewers feeling inspired through showing the hard work and dedication needed to turn your dreams into reality.”

The show will also include Vashti Cunningham, the daughter of former NFL star Randall Cunningham, as she trains for the 2020 Olympics alongside Evan and Elijah Holyfield, the sons of boxer Evander Holyfield.

While Evan is pursuing a boxing career like his father’s, Elijah is a running back for the Carolina Panthers. Additional subjects are expected to be named in the coming months.