Eddie Murphy Plans on Returning to Comedy After Panedmic


In a recent episode of Kevin Hart‘s SiriusXM podcast, Comedy Gold with Kevin Hart, guest star Eddie Murphy tells Hart that he is considering returning to comedy.

The “Coming 2 America” actor appeared with Arsenio Hall on Hart’s podcast.

In the clip, Hart joking tells Murphy that he is no longer believing him when he says he will return to stand up.

“Eddie, I don’t like talking to you about stand-up no more,” he comments. “I’m not fallin’ for the f*ckin’ trap. I’m sick of you; I’m sick of your sh*t. … Every time we talk, he leaves me with a piece of information, and I feel like I got gold.”

Murphy explains to Hart his initial plan of returning to comedy was derailed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“My plan was to do Dolemite, Saturday Night Live, Coming 2 America, and then do stand-up,” Murphy says. “And then the pandemic hit, and it shut the whole sh*t down. Then I was going – the whole time last year, I would have been out working on my act trying to get my sh*t right, and then the whole thing shut down. Hey, when the pandemic is over, and it’s safe for everybody to go out and do it, then the plan is to do it.”

Watch a clip of interview between the two comedy icons below.

Although unaware of when he will return to the stage, Murphy will be returning to theaters this week for the sequel to Coming to America (1988). Coming 2 America(2021) will follow Prince Akeem’s journey, who returns to New York City to find his son. Akeem has three daughters with his wife Lisa, but the kingdom laws do not allow women to rule. Akeem must prepare his son to take the throne of Zamunda, a nation he’s never been to.

The long awaited sequel to a comedic classis is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime.