Zaya Wade Gushes Over Meeting her ‘Idol’ Michelle Obama in Virtual Interview

Zaya Wade Gets Emotional Meeting Her 'Idol' Michelle Obama

Dwayne Wade‘s daughter Zaya Wade shares virtual Q&A with Michelle Obama on Instagram.

Before discussing advice for teens reading Obama’s memoir Becoming, Wade had to work through her nerves.

“I’m meeting an idol. I’m literally meeting an idol,” says Wade. “[I’ve been] preparing for this moment for so long.”

The former first lady matched the teen’s enthusiasm.

“I hear you’re slotting me in between school, so I feel very special,” she commented. “Ask your teachers for forgiveness from me because you’re doing me a favor.”

Zaya began the interview by asking Obama her advice for teens about embracing themselves.

Obama quickly expressed her admiration for Wade, a transgender teen, embracing herself.

“Well, like you have and currently are,” Obama tells Wade. “I am just so proud of you, you know, being just an amazing role model and embracing your truth.”

After giving Wade her accolades, the podcast host gave listeners her No. 1 advice, “Be patient with yourself.”

“At your age, or in the teenage years and probably through your 20s, you’re gonna be experimenting with so many versions of yourself, right?” Obama begins. “All young people are trying on different versions, different voices, they’re learning about what they love, what they’re good at, what they like. This is the period of exploration.”

Obama than turned the mic on Wade and asking her, her advice for teens.

“We all think that we thrive with people who are just like us, but I think getting a different perspective for someone else who isn’t like you really helps,” Zaya explains. “That definitely helped me in becoming me and defining my truth.”