Erika Bracey Honored at BET Her Fights: Breast Cancer


Every year BET Her honors those who have survived their battle with breast cancer. This year’s honoree was Erika Bracey. The moment she first found out she had breast cancer; it was one of those feelings that just turned her sky black. “I couldn’t believe that I had breast cancer. I was young. Well, I was 39, which is young. And I didn’t know anything about breast cancer”, Bracey said.

In most cases, women like Erika Bracey, are not familiar with the causes and preventions about breast cancer. Some can inherit breast cancer from their mother or father genes. Sometimes you could be the first one in your family to have breast cancer without any knowledge of it. A life-threatening situation like this, you have to remain positive, “Literally, I pulled myself together for that. That one moment, it was a sad time, but I pulled myself together and I said that I wanted to fight I wanted to live so whatever that was going to take, that’s what I was wanting to do.”

Before Erika sharing with her family and friends that she had breast cancer, she had to mentally pull herself together and accept this change in her life. “First of all, I had to get myself together before I told my family because if I was broken, then they would be broken. I became a vegan, you know, I want to make sure that, you know, I was keeping my body in optimum shape. So I went on to Dr. Sebi’s diet and his treatment plan, and I did that and that was amazing to me. I still take some of his things right now. Then, I just had to get my mind in a more focused space. I needed to be around positive people. I needed to, you know, be positive to myself, and love myself; so that’s what I started doing just to give me in that mode of fighting”.

Be sure to watch Erika Bracey story and more on Wednesday, October 16th at 8/7c on BET Her Fights Breast Cancer.