EXCLUSIVE: B. Simone Beauty Celebrates Their 1 Year Anniversary!


Happy birthday to actress, comedian, and entrepreneur B. Simone’s first born child. No we are not talking about a human child, but her first independently owned business venture, B. Simone Beauty.

Launched on September 15, 2019, B.Simone Beauty is a collection of stellar lip glosses, liners, fan merch and makeup accessories cleverly named after some of her famous saying like “You’re My Boooyfriend!”

In collaboration with Atlanta’s Black-owned vegan burger joint, Slutty Vegan, B.Simone parked her iridescent wrapped truck to sell makeup products and celebrate with passing fans.

“I feel excited, blessed, lit, glossy, bossy!” she told JaGurl TV jokingly at her 1 year Anniversary celebration. “I’m happy! We are just growing as a brand, as a team, as a business. That’s why the theme for this year is I win, We win. I have a team of beautiful women, a few males also that have helped me get to this point.”

“I win, we win.” A motto that B. Simone has been chanting since leading up to this Anniversary celebration and the release of The Formula documentary. This motto is meant to inspire and spread love to the people around her that are helping her reach great success.

“That’s the theme for this year’s Anniversary. Teamwork. I win, We win and I became so successful so that the people around me can grow and flourish. That’s the goal.”

Many people see the success stories but don’t realize the hurdles you have to get over to reach the top. According to B. Simone, all the hurdles vary but are inevitable.

“Mental hurdles. That’s the main thing, your mind. When you can control your mind and keep your mind positive; you can overcome anything. Your mind is so powerful. So don’t get yourself down. Everybody is going to have problems. Your going to have problems working for somebody, your going to have problems working for yourself. No matter what in life your going to have problems so just control your mind and work through it.”

With COVID-19 many people are taking a leap out on faith to become an entrepreneurs. Once you train your mind to stay in a positive space you then have to tackle the financial hurdles. B. Simone’s advice to growing entrepreneurs is to do “whatever works for you. I didn’t have loans, I didn’t have investors, I didn’t have a business partner but I worked my way up to that point. I used my money from comedy and social media and I saved it so that I could do a huge investment on my own for my cosmetic line.”

Nonetheless, she encourages early starting entrepreneurs to do what works for them on their journey as she believes in the standard methods of starting a business are great as well. “Test the waters and see what works for you wherever you are in your life.” 

Ms. Simone is not done with 2020 just yet as she is hoping to get a new office space opened by the end of this year.

“Me and my manager Skittlez, we just went half on a building. You know we found a warehouse, it’s going to be a women’s co-working space and it will be opening soon.” 

Congratulations to B. Simone and her team on all their success!