EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bad Girl’ Natalie Nunn Dishes on How the Term Bad Girl has Evolved with Her


The baddest of the Bad Girls reunite in The Zeus Network newest series, “Baddies: ATL.” Our favorite bad girls have come together to reminisce, settle old beef and ignite old feuds. For some of these ladies, it has been over five years since they have laid eyes on each other. In some situations, the issues have resolved with maturity and time. But for others, it has festered and grown to new depths. JaGurl TV got to sit down with Bad Girls OG’s and executive producers of “Baddies: ATL” Natalie Nunn and Tanisha Thomas to discuss how the term bad girl has evolved with them.

“I focus on being a boss and holding my house down,” Nunn shares with JaGurl TV. “I think there’s this whole perceptive that the man is the one who provides. That the man is the one who really runs the household. And not to take from my king, he definitely runs this household. But he allows me to run my own online business. He allows me to continue to work in the television world. He allows me to still really provide as well in our house.”

For Nunn, being raised by a single mother instilled a strong sense of independence, which she attributes as a characteristic of being a “Bad girl.”

“I grew up in a household where my mother was the only one who could really provide for my brother and I,” the reality television star says. “And I watched her work two, three jobs to provide and keep a roof over our heads and we struggled growing up.”

“For me, it’s installed for women to work.” Nunn continues, “I just think now that I’m older; like to be a boss, to have businesses, to be a mom, and to be able to juggle Hollywood and home is really what defines being a baddie now.”

Currently, the reality television veteran turned entrepreneur runs multiple companies; a lash and cosmetics line and a hair care line inspired by her daughter, Journeys Hair.

“For me, I really take a liking to being a boss mom and being that baddie who still makes my own money and makes my own decisions,” she concludes. “And being married! Like Hello! I just celebrated my nine years with my husband. And it’s not perfect, no marriage is going to be perfect. For me, all of that is what determines being that bossy baddie.”

Although our favorite Bad Girl royalty has matured and grown into her womanhood, she is still the firey baddie that we all know and love.

“It’s about being you and allowing yourself to be pretty and get your hair done and step out,” Natalies explains. “And you know, being a bad bitch.”

Be sure to catch the reining OG’s on tonight’s premiere of “Baddies: ATL” on Zeus. Zeus is available on Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, and Chromecast; subscribe here.