EXCLUSIVE: Waka Flocka Discusses His NFT Tech Company Aiming to Educate Black Creatives


Crypto currencies and NFTs have been the peak of conversation in the entertainment industry. These discussions make sense because as the world is shifting to a more digital forward climate, we as consumers have to adjust to lifelong changes. Entertainers of all talents are joining in on the action as not only is there money to be made but there is also new platforms to present their content via the NFT world. Rapper and reality star, Waka Flocka, is using his platform to educate and promote creativity. 

On Friday January 28th, Waka Flocka was a player at the Blood, Sweat, and Tears Celebrity Basketball game and blood drive. This charity event was hosted in Atlanta, GA and was an entertaining way to give back to the community with scholarship giveaways, blood donations, and promotion of local businesses through food and small business vendors. After the game, Waka Flocka spoke to JaGurl TV about his tech company called Satoshi Art — an all-new 100% minority-owned NFT platform that’s bringing monetary profits to creative artists worldwide. “We build meta verses, we build NFT collections, we do all that.” Waka tells JaGurl TV.

According the Flocka, he is aiming to empower Black artists and their work by introducing them to a new revenue stream to profit off their creativity. “It comes easy when you’re a nerd,” he quoted to AfroTech. “You’re hip to everything people don’t believe in, and then by the time they get on it history is made. I learned in my earlier years, to be a smart person you have to know when you meet another genius.” The joint venture with his business partner Stally will educate creatives about how NFTs can be used to obtain financial gains through digital art.

As years go on we will continue to see a growth of NFT and tech companies who aim to change the game. Financial literacy in the Black community will be more accessible. For more information about Satoshi Art and the platform, visit its website.