Exclusive: AsiaNae Talks Being an Entrepreneur and the Importance of Artist Development


Who is AsiaNae? Hailing from Riverdale, Georgia, many may know the leader of the Mermaid Gang from her musical hits, Jump (2020), or her latest release, Chosen One. JaGurl TV caught up to the BREAK’EM OFF RECORDS artist at Blood Sweat and Tears Celebrity Basketball and Blood Drive this past weekend. Our exclusive interview highlights her push for new artists to undergo artist development. 

She shares with us the importance of how the training can be an asset to anyone in everyday situations. “It was something that I wanted. It is something that helped me progress. It helped me with my interviews and stage presence. I feel every artist should go through artist development. Period.” Training is a key factor in new artist development as they find their individual style in the entertainment industry. According to AsiaNae, these lessons teach a wide range of things like learning how to properly speak in interviews, tighten up their stage presence, and present their overall brand.

Hand in hand with artist development comes brand recognition in which AsiaNae’s entrepreneur spirit comes to life. “I have a merch store, the mermaid gang store, and that would be a part of my entrepreneurship. As for yourself, you are a business. I am a business, and I will continue to make more business ventures.” This highlights her advice for people to grow into themselves. Also, she wants the people to know and be on the lookout for her new project dropping, Chosen One.

An additional highlight from Friday’s event was the impact behind the event itself. The Blood Sweat and Tears Celebrity Basketball Game and Blood Drive was a driving success. Launching its first annual event after a minor snow warning postponement, they still meet their goal of donating $1000 to the American Red Cross to assist with nurturing and developing our communities. They also gave out prizes to the fans and supporters, including three-time PGA tour champion John Rollins‘ signed jersey. 

AsiaNae is a women of many skills and is using that to push forward in her entrepreneurship. That means new business ventures, more new music, and a plethora of success.