Rapper Flo Rida And Dr. George Tabi Launch Free Testing Center For COVID-19


Rapper Flo Rida has teamed up with his personal doctor/business partner Dr. George Tabi to launch a $1.5 million testing center in Florida called the Asktabs Mobile Wellness Center to help people go back to work safely amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The center provides tests for everyone but prioritizes companies with returning employees. 

Metro Wrapz, a Miami based company was the first business to test 30 of its employees last week using Asktabs. According to TMZ, the mobile center can test about 1,500 individuals if there is a staff of 14 people. 

On Wednesday, Flo Rida wrote an Instagram post saying, “Me and my team wanted to do our part in bringing back the city to its feet sooner and most importantly stronger!” He even thanks his doctor, for all that he does “for the community. “

This isn’t the first time the pair have worked together, TMZ reports they had launched an “immune-boosting daily vitamin gummy” infused with CBD called Jett Setter which was distributed at the testing center.

The “Low” rapper and Tabi are hoping to take this mobile bus to other cities in Florida as places begin to re-open.