Government Shut Down Could Delay Early Income Tax Payments


Given the recent government shutdown, only a fraction of the IRS employees are working, which could mean a delay in the 2019 tax refunds. Normally, taxpayers can file as early has mid-to-late January, but if the December 22 shutdown extends past a week or so then the 2019 tax season could be put on hold. According to, “U.S. tax collector has been operating with about 1 in 8 employees under the shutdown plan it uses outside the tax-filing season.” 

The IRS is just one among the government entities feeling the effects of the shutdown. There are, in fact, government employees working without pay or not working due to furloughed days. President Trump, however, is still not budging on his stance to cease the stand-off: build the border between Mexico and the U.S. The 45th president stands opposite a newly Democratic majority House. During a press conference on Friday, Trump threatened for the event to continue for “months or even years.” This news comes on the 14th day of said shutdown making it the second longest in history.

By: Sciler Williams