Hot Girl Turns ‘Mean Girl’ Megan Thee Stallion Embodies Regina Georgia for Coach’s New Campaign


There’s a new mean girl in town that has everyone talking about Coach’s New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter campaign. The “hot girl coach” campaign Megan Thee Stallion recreates the iconic Mean Girls scene for her portion of Coach’s new “Coach Forever Season Two” campaign.

Megan has always been a fan of the comedy classic, and can recite the entire movie. So recreating the idolization confessional scene for her collaboration in the presentation was fun and easy for thee hot girl.

In 2016, Megan tweeted “I can literally quote every single word from mean girls…and I be prefer to be friends with girls who can do the same lol,” and that statement is “Still True,” as she reposted the old tweet on her Instagram story.

According to Billboard, “I have always loved exploring the intersection of fashion and pop culture at Coach,” Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers said in an official statement. “I am excited to bring my latest vision for the house to life via ‘Coach TV.’ I wanted both the collection and the presentation to make sense and resonate in these unique times and I am excited to share both in a way that I hope will entertain and inspire.”

Watch Megan’s portion of Coach’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection presentation with appearances from JLO, Michael B Jordan, and Rickey Thompson.