Ice Cube’s Everything’s Corrupt puts a standpoint on Hip Hop Music


Ice Cube’s Everythang’s Corrupt album has arrived later than expected, but actually right on time. Cube made his solo career by speaking out against the system. Although nothing much has changed since the late ’90s. The N.W.A lyricist and West Coast vet project was set to drop several years ago, but was placed on hold so that Cube could focus on his other endeavors. Some fans wondered if this project would ever come to life as the legendary MC hadn’t released an album since the 2010’s I Am the West; however, Cube made notice to his fans that nothing was abandoned and that it would arrive before the year of 2019. 

The 16-track album includes a released single “That New Funkadelic” and the anti-Trump record “Arrest The President”. Which is why the narratives that Cube implied on this album will forever hold a weight on his present venture. Most of the time Cube has spent his time starring in movies, constructing a basketball team, and keep his sons on the right path, he hasn’t lost any of his lyrical content. You can also be on the lookout on the upcoming reboot of MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch. Do you think the legendary Ice Cube brought back real hip hop or should he just leave it to the newcomers? 

By: Santana | @DriuneSantanaTv