Meek Mill: Raw and Making a Difference


Since the release from prison, rapper Meek Mill has been very busy. From his most recent album titled “Champions”, to interviews back to back. We all know Meek from his hit “Dreams and Nightmares” that will STILL make you scream every word in the club with your friends. But, during the successful rapper’s most recent interview with The Breakfast Club, he shows that he’s more than just an artist.

In the meaningful interview, he talks about the songs on his album, the features he feels are most important to him, and even his first conversation with Drake after their feud. 
In regards to Drake, he mentions how rapper, and ex, Nicki Minaj didn’t attempt to solve issues between the both of them. Meek also stated that he “goes to bed with Nicki and Drake” on his mind because so many interviewers talk about the 2 people so much.

But past the celebrity drama, Meek Mill has a serious mission going on with 76ers co owner, Michael Rubin. They are both planning to get 1,000,000 people out of the criminal justice system. Between people in jail, and even the citizens with thousand dollar bonds. Meek and Michael plan to make a change. In the interview, Meek says “I ain’t on no activist time. I’m just on some this is what I’m bringing to the table, this is what I experienced, this is what I know about.”

One can really see, Meek has grown tremendously from being released. Catch the rapper doing amazing things within his career very soon! What’s next for Meek 👀?
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By: Kieaundria B. @kieaundriaa_xo