Ivy Park Collection Drip 2.2 ‘The Black Pack’


If you missed the chance to get your hands on Adidas x Ivy Park’s Drip 2 collection last month, no worries! Queen Bey is releasing Drip 2.2 this week, but with a twist.

Drip 2.2 features a new black and mesa styled collection, the pieces are still similar to the previous collection in terms of silhouettes. Drip 2 featured coral, yellow, dark green, and mint green pieces both functional and stylish performance wear pieces. 

Aside from the color change within the new collection, the designs are very similar to the last two drops; biker shorts, shorts bras, a jumpsuit, sweats, fanny packs, and more.

Beyoncé gave a sneak peek of the collection this week on her Instagram.


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In the series of posts, Beyonce also shares Blue Ivy‘s Ivy Park modeling debut.


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With Drip 2 selling out almost instantly, fans who are interested should already have their cards out!

The new collection, Drip 2.2, will be available online starting on November 17 in the US, online globally on November 18, and in stores on November 19.