J Stone Confirms that another Nipsey Hussle Album will “Definitely” Be Released


Nipsey Hussle‘s longtime friend and collaborator J Stone reveals to fans that there will “definitely” be another album.

During his appearance on The Bootleg Kev Podcast, Stone explains that the late rapper has a lot of unreleased material.

“It’s so much music this nigga done did, bro. Like you wouldn’t even imagine, bro,” J Stone said. “There’s shit I haven’t even heard when I thought I heard everything.”

J stone went on to say that all of this unreleased material will be compiled into a posthumous album, honoring the rapper.

“It’s definitely going to be another Nip album,” he states. He explains that only music that continues his legacy and message will be selected.  “Nip had his brand and his image so strong and tight, like, you can’t do the Pac on him with the Makaveli 1 and Makaveli 15.”

Since in untimely death last year, Nipsey Hussle has made two posthumous appearances of J Stone’s album, The Definition of Pain.

Watch J stone’s full interview below