Jacquees Grants Make-A-Wish Fan Lifetime Concert Passes


It is every person’s dream to have a special visit from their favorite artist, and Jacquees granted a huge fan just that.

Samira, who is a huge Jacquees fan, received a visit from the R&B singer thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. After attending a bunch of Jaquees concerts, and owning a lot of merchandise, Samira could not have received a better wish. 

Samira suffers from a nervous disorder and is confined to a wheelchair, according to TMZ. She got to spend hours with the singer, showing him all the merchandise she has and the photos of her at different Jacquees concerts. Jacquees sang some of his songs for her, including her favorite song by him ‘Fact and Fiction.’ Samira’s mom also told Jacquees that he helped her while she was in a coma, when her mother played Samira a song of Jacquees she woke up. 

This beautiful encounter is a moment Samira will never forget. Dreams really do come true!