Jadakiss to Voice COVID PSA for New York Buses and Subways


Rapper Jadakiss joins 19 other celebrities to voice New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) new coronavirus safety campaign.

The New York City native took to Instagram to announce the news to fans. In the clip, the star shares impactful ways to stay safe during the pandemic and his signature laugh.

“Starting February 12th, you will be hearing my voice along with 20 other iconic voices representing the @mta on subway platforms and buses all over NYC! S/O @newyorknico for making this happen,” he writes. “I can’t wait to hear this for myself.”

The MTA announced their COVID safety initiative back in November. Nicholas Heller, the self-proclaimed “unofficial talent scout of New York City,” played a significant role in the project.

“After years of wanting to make this happen, I am so proud to announce I m partnering with the @mta to create new subway and bus announcements with iconic NY’ers for the start of 2021,” he says.

The initiative’s release date is Feb. 12. Until then, Heller will continue to share clips of the project building the anticipation for its official launch.