JaGurl TV Exclusive: Married to Real Estate Star, Egypt Sherrod, Prepares for Season 2 of HGTV Show


The biggest financial literacy podcast, Earn Your Leisure, returned to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta for their 2nd annual Invest Fest. This year’s festival brought out more than 12,000 people for the weekend-long assortment of activities & expert-led discussions focused on investing, entrepreneurship, real estate, and financial literacy. The event brought out major names like T.I.Dame DashTerrence J,  DJ EnvyAngela Yee, Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry and Married to Real Estate star Egypt Sherrod.

In the HGTV series, Sherrod is accompanied by her husband, Mike Jackson, as they juggle their busy professional and personal lives while helping clients land their perfect home in a dream neighborhood. The riveting tribulations of season 1 ended with over 15 million views. Those views are leading to a highly anticipated season 2 and JaGurl TV got the exclusive interview about what to expect.

During Invest Fest, Egypt spoke on her show and the elements that will keep people interested in the Jackson family for season 2. “More of the real. I mean what you see is what you get with the Jackson family. I think people have kind of learned that. We consider ourselves among the blessed to have so many people who support and view us and who have grown with us. I think we have experienced success because we are not afraid to show when we fall. It’s just important to show when we get back up,” said Egypt.

Even through the ups and downs, the family heavily focused on positivity and paining a Black family in a loving and progressive light. “I believe [positivity] just like your outlet, JaGurl TV, reflect positive celebrity news. I think that the world has had a place for all of the gossip and has had a place for all of the cat fighting and negativity.” She continues by saying, “I think we also believe there is a lane for positivity, upliftment, elevation, enlightenment, sisterhood, and brotherhood, that we can do better as a culture and as a family unit. That’s what Married to Real Estate is all about.”

She made it a point to shouted out other Black creative on the network that share the same interest as her who like to buy homes, build, and design including rapper, Lil John, who hosts Lil Jon Wants to Do What?  “When we see people who look like us have a platform on TV, we have to also support. What that means is, just because it’s not what’s on the gossip sites or what’s got in the streets doesn’t mean that you don’t tell people about it and spread the news because that’s how we stay.”

The real estate guru couple is coming back to HGTV in season 2 of their Atlanta-based home renovation series Married to Real Estate, with 12 new one-hour episodes premiering in early 2023.