OKAY! Lil Jon Renovates Basement into Nightclub on New HGTV Show


Atlanta-born rapper Lil Jon turned home designer teams up with an expert builder in new HGTV show, Lil Jon Wants to Do What? He and Anitra Mecadon are helping homeowners renovate their “boring” living spaces into what seems impossible and unconventional.

In an exclusive preview to the new show, homeowners Joy and Phil ponder transforming their basement into an entertainment space. The Grammy Winning rapper and Award Winning Interior Designer brainstorm ideas while asking “wouldn’t it be cool if…”. Lil Jon suggests it’d be cool to “sink the floor down in the basement.” He also suggests “adding a stage” which Joy shakes her head to.

By playing “What If?” with natural skepticism arising, Anitra is able to feel what homeowners are open to when it comes to renovations. “By playing the game in front of the homeowners you actually see just how far you can push them and that nervous energy kinda feeds my soul.” she comments.

The “My Type” songwriter adds that he wants the homeowners to trust him and his creative vision. “I want them to get a feel for me and not feel like this crazy rapper guy,” he says. “The vibe I get from the client, that’s what I’m going to give the client, so I need them to trust me. They are going to love it.”

Check out the first episode to see how Lil Jon and Anitra transform Joy and Phil’s mundane basement to something more exciting for the family. Lil Jon Wants to Do What? is set to premiere May 2 on HGTV and discovery+.