Jay-Z and Meek Mill Donate $10 Million in Medical Equipment For Correctional Facilities


Jay-Z and Meek Mill are stepping up for the voiceless during times of need. They have announced this week that their criminal justice organization REFORM Alliance, will be sending 10 million surgical masks and other protective equipment to correctional facilities across the country.

The COVID-19 pandemic did not skip jails across the country, however the testing did. Jails were amongst the last facilities to receive protective gear and tests to handle this virus. The lack of procedures to combat the virus has led to a quick and wide spread within the jail community. Approximately one third of the US jails had cut their population since the pandemic began. And with that, the true overall number of COVID cases behind bars is significantly underreported, according to an analysis made by the UCLA School of Law.

Jay-Z and Meek Mill started the REFORM Alliance in 2019 to highlight the injustice of mass incarceration in the U.S. They have already donated over 100,000 masks to correctional facilities across the country. However, thanks to a generous donation made by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the REFORM Alliance will now be able to donate over $10 million in surgical masks and protective equipment.

Dorsey has continued to prove that he will be on the right side of history at the end of this pandemic. Along with donating to various organizations affected by covid, Dorsey announced Tuesday, that he will be extending the work from home order for all Twitter employees indefinitely..Yup that’s right, Twitter will be adopting a complete work from home policy from now on. It seems like Dorsey understands the lasting affects that this virus will have on our society and he is not afraid to make positive action.