Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian Team Up For Facebook Portal Project‬


Looks like J-Lo and Kim K has something big coming to Facebook. That’s right, they have teamed up together on a Portal Project campaign for the site that will launch later this month. Based on your preference or video chat style you can choose between four different Portal devices, each one has a built-in Amazon’s Alexa to assist your calls. As a matter of fact, Jennifer introduced Portal to Kim.

In an interview with ENews, Kim reminisced on the first time she met Jennifer, sharing that they didn’t actually start off on the right foot, well Kim’s right foot. “I was always nervous to meet her because I didn’t want her to be anything other than what I imagined in my head,” the star of KUWTK began. “It was at the Beverly Hills hotel. I’ll never forget it. I tripped, like coming down the stairs. And I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I ruined my moment!’ Like, I was so embarrassed, ‘She thinks I’m a loser.’ I was just like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so clumsy. Sorry, I love you!’ And I just, like, ran.”

These days Kim and Jennifer are the best of friends and Kim says the Portal has helped her stay in touch with her famous friends and family a lot easier. “I have so many family members,” she shared. “It’s such a good way to connect when we’re doing so many other things. We’re the ultimate multitaskers. So, to have it on and be able to cook and do whatever you want in your house, it’s such a cool technology.” Her daughter North West will also have a great time with this gadget. “She would love it to show all of her friends her outfits,” she said to acknowledge that it would be a great Christmas present for her husband Kanye. “He loves technology.”