Jhene Aiko Angelic Vocals in Her New Single Encourages Listeners to Vibe and Vote


With the upcoming presidential elections quickly approaching, Jhene Aiko urges fans to vote in a politically-charged slow jam which aired on the last episode of “Black-ish.”

Last Sunday (Oct 4.), the ABC hit sitcom “Black-ish” aired a special election themed episode. This featured two back to back episodes that followed Junior’s (played by Marcus Scribner) experience as a first time voter and his father, Dre (Anthony Anderson) as he ventures into local politics.

“Now more than ever it is vital that we all VOTE” the songstress said in a press release. “It was an honor working with ‘Black-ish’ to bring you this song.”

In “Vote”, the R&B singer details employment problems that have became a reality to many Americans during the current global pandemic.

“Rent is coming up, I need this cash. Couple terminations in my past, yeah, gotta ask my bosses for a day off. But if I do, I know I might get laid off.”

In the song, Aiko refers to her constitutional right to vote as a flex.

“I just wanna get to the ballot. I just wanna feel like I’m valid. Put in my vote, I can have it but it shouldn’t feel like magic” sings Aiko on the track. “It’s the best way to make my voice heard and that should be automatic. That’s my American right, I’m flexin’ my right if i got it, I got it.”

Listen to “Vote” below.