Joey Badass Donates $25K to NYC Schools for Covid-19 Relief Efforts


Rapper and Brooklyn native Joey Badass is using his platform to do something amazing for the community. During this pandemic, many families have been effected in different ways. Children has been especially effected with the decline in food programs, loss of family members and limited education resources. New York has been the epicenter in this whole pandemic outbreak. Joey Badass has joined forces with Fund for Public Schools to help NYC Department of Education in their relief efforts.

Fund for Public Schools is a non-profit organization that creates partnerships between the community and the NYC DOE to pilot innovative projects. According to their mission statement they, “Accelerate promising, outcome-driven initiatives; and respond strategically to emerging needs across the NYC public school system.”

Joey Badass contributed $25,000 to the organization’s COVID-19 Response Effort, which will not only help students but the teachers who have been effected outside the classroom as well. Fund for Public Schools website states, “The funds will go towards remote learning initiatives, financial support for the Department of Education’s Temporary Housing program, and providing free meals for students and their families around the five boroughs.”

“Now this COVID-19 crisis has been tough on a lot of us, but I can only imagine how hard it is on the homeless students,” he said in a video announcement posted to his Instagram page.

“In the New York City public school system, there are about 1.1 million students currently enrolled. Over 100,000 of them are actually homeless. Now that’s about 1 in 10, and 85 percent of those kids are Hispanic or Black,” he continued. “That’s why I’m partnering up The Fund for Schools and the Department of Education to help them stay on track. Please join me in our efforts to support our most vulnerable students.”