K Camp Transitions From Artist to CEO


Multi-platinum selling artist K Camp has successfully transitioned from an artist to CEO of his own label, RARE Sound.

The Atlanta-based rapper explains how his new career shift will have similarities to fellow rappers, Jay Z and P Diddy, careers.

“I’m going to still give albums, I’m still going to be an artist, I’m still going to tour,” Camp says. “But I’m trying to take it to another level as far as being an exec and making sure the artist I put on are superstars.”

The rapper turned CEO explains that his decision to level up in the music industry is to ensure the longevity of his career and influence.

“I’m trying to build something with this sh*t,” says Camp. “I don’t want to be the artist that just, ‘well my time is up, eh,’ Nah y’all going to keep seeing the fruits of my labor.”

This past July, Camp released his RARE Family compilation album. The album features Camp himself and labelmates True Story Gee, GENIUS, and Lil Bird.