Digital Cover: KaMillion ‘The Rise of a Superstar’


Straight out of Jacksonville, Florida rises a versatile talent making an impact in the music industry. She’s raising the bar in not only music but TV & film as she recently transitioned into a lead actress on Issa Rae’s hit TV series “Rap Shit” on HBO Max . KaMillion exclusively details her experience portraying her character ‘Mia’, her relationships with men and women, and what’s next in her career with JaGurl TV as she graces the cover of our first digital magazine JAGURL. 

Artists like Trina, Tokyo Jetz and City Girls have brought Florida rap to mainstream, but there’s another gem spearheading toward success and bringing a good vibe to female rap. KaMillion, a true chameleon in the industry, takes a different approach in her craft. Hailing from Duval County where she mentions “palm trees but no paradise”, the “Spend It” artist plays her part by shedding a brighter light through her art and personality. She’s all about vibes, and although KaMillion is now addressing her new celebrity status she still manages to practice humility and have a good heart at the end of the day. 

Heavy on the Cancerian traits, KaMillion dives into her love life unpacking her previous relationships before fame and how that shapes her mindset going forward when dating. “A person in my position, I am careful who I entertain. She spoke with JaGurl TV about a brewing relationship that didn’t last and continued about the hardships of dating with her success on the rise. “Since I’ve been up it’s really been more challenging to date . I’ve been single for a minute, sometimes it feels like I’ve forgotten how to date,” she laughs. She further explains how she loves in relationships and addresses how men tend to contradict their wants from women in their songs. “My love is different, when I love it’s real. That’s my superpower! Maybe I love too deep and those guys had never experienced pure love with no bad intentions. I’ve dated guys who are a product of their environment, many who’ve been repeat offenders & prisoned . Everyone doesn’t come from a family that taught love & cant grasp reciprocating it . Male rappers will get in the studio and say ‘I want a down ass b*tch, I want a real one’ , then get one & do her dirty.”

While using music as a vehicle, her trials in the weird world of dating were translated into her hits. “I feel like God allows me certain experiences with people to make good heart felt music my fans relate to. A lot of my catalog wouldn’t be written without that.” When asked how she is able to differentiate those who are real about pursuing her versus the fake, she stated, “It’s really trial & error (she laughs and continues) I never ignore red flags.” She tells of a past relationship where her partner at the time didn’t fully support her career. Now, KaMillion chooses to focus on herself “2023, It’s all about me!” 

With a certain discernment for her romantic partners, she carries that same principle into her friendships where she highly values loyalty. “Friendship is really important.” She describes most of her friend circle as consisting of guys, or females with the same mindset as hers. ‘Alpha’. “I get along very well with guys in friendships idk.” 

What’s next for the rising star? KaMillion shares in our exclusive interview that she may be releasing new music this year. “I’m definitely releasing a new bop in 2023.” She is on a mission. Her only competition is herself. “I feel like my best music isn’t created yet.” 

KaMillion is a force to be reckoned with. Her talent and personality shines in-person, on social media, and even as her character, Mia. Be on the lookout for more from KaMillion as she continues to break barriers for herself and bring a new vibe to the industry!