Kelly Price Talks Collaborating With Wale on His Latest Album ‘Wow…That’s Crazy’


Kelly Price has been a vocal powerhouse in the industry since the beginning of her career. Her voice has captured the ears of many artists such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Brian McKnight, which ultimately has earned her the right to be labeled as an R&B soul legend. Jagurl Tv caught up with the singer/songwriter at the 2019 Soul Train Awards to talk about her recent collaboration with Nigerian-American Rapper Wale on his latest album Wow…That’s Crazy.

Kelly Price has proved over the years that she can hop on just about any track and fill it with soul, and precisely that’s what she did on Wales single “Sue me.” Of course we had to ask how this connection came about, and she let us now that Wale’s consistency is what made it happen. “He insisted on it, and literally it took me a long time to get in the studio because I was finishing up American Soul, Finishing up Sunday’s Best; in the studio working on my project, and I have to say he was diligent; his team was on top of it…he was very intentional about wanting me on this project, and it turned out to just be amazing.” 

Kelly also shared with us how she hopes this project rightfully gives Wale the acknowledgment he deserves and that she’s looking forward to working on more projects with him in the future “I think he’s put together an amazing body of work..I’m really really hoping he is acknowledged in the way that he should be…please ya’ll let’s get it right this time. It was a pleasure and an honor for us to come together and work this time and it will not be the last you hear of him and I working together.”

Watch Kelly’s Price and Wale’s performance at the 2019 Soul Train Awards here.