Lady Gaga Partners With Oreo For Limited Edition Cookie For a Cause


Bad Romance, singer Lady Gaga has decided to explore other avenues aside from her music.

Gaga has partnered with Oero in releasing a line of cookies, that is inspired by her album ‘Chromatica’. The cookies will feature a light pink Golden Oreo wafer sandwiching a green crème filling. Each will also be embossed with one of four designs: one classic, and three others inspired by her album.

There’s also an encouraging message that goes along with this tasty treat. Both, Oreo and Gaga, are launching the Sing It With Oreo campaign, that will encourage fans to “spread musical messages of kindness”. Fans can visit beginning on Dec. 15th and create a short song to send to loved ones via social media.

According to CNN, fans can create these messages, dubbed “Oreograms,” by recording a personal message on the “Sing It With Oreo” website. The message is instantly transformed into a song that can be shared with friends and family on social media. “Whether it’s to show support, share affirmations, well wishes or congratulatory messages, Lady Gaga OREOgrams are designed to inspire kindness,” Oreo said.

Gaga herself even shares a sneak peek of her treats with fans in an Instagram post.

Fans will be able to purchase six-sleeve packets of the cookies from select convenience stores for a limited time only and will begin selling January 2021.