Lauren London pays Tribute to Nipsey Hussle in new PUMA Campaign Video


March 31, 2019 was the tragic day that we lost rapper and philanthropist, Nipsey Hustle. Life has moved forward, but we can never forget about the things he has done for strangers, friends and family to improve the quality of their lives. He spread a message that was worth following and spoke words that was worth listening to. Due to his major impact on the world he still has everyone shouting out to the heavens “THE MARATHON CONTINUES!” It certainty takes a village to keep a movement going and Lauren London has been a key factor in keeping the legacy alive.

Lauren London teamed up with Puma to present their new “Forever Stronger” campaign, and a video unveiling the collaboration shares several nods to Nipsey Hussle.  Puma explained that the video was Lauren’s vision, stating, “Lauren London is proud to join forces with PUMA to support her on this next chapter of her journey. This piece was a creative vision Lauren wanted to bring to life to signify the continuation of her marathon alongside PUMA. Forever Stronger.” 

In the video we see similarities in their “California Love” GQ magazine cover back in February 2019. We see some of the same locations as well as small innuendos that bring light to Nipsey and his light he brought on this earth. In the video, Lauren reads a poem by Samantha Smith. According to VLAD TV she states, “There is nothing to hide here. No way to pretend. We relate, we disagree, we disengage. We are running into each other. We are the song that writes itself. The melody replays in the key of elevated living. We forget the words, we never forget the feeling. Glory and divinity conduct our symphony.” The PUMA collection demonstrates style and grace. We are looking forward to the next chapter of Lauren’s journey.