Lecrae Opens Up About Overcoming His Battle With Depression


GRAMMY award-winning artist Lecrae reveals details about his battle with anxiety and depression in hopes to inspire fans.

Since the age of 14, the Christian rapper has manifested his dreams into reality.

“I’ve always been extremely focused, and kind of neurotic about what my plans and dreams are and just trying to figure out a way to make them a reality,” Lecrae says in an exclusive interview with Jagurl TV. “I wasn’t going to stop until something happened.”

But he never imagined that the highlights of his career would also be his darkest days.

“I say ‘I woke up in a depression’ but a lot of time people don’t understand there was a build-up, there were other smaller moments.” Lecrae says “If you ever faced a moment of depression or just a terrible season, just be careful and get the healing and care that you need because that stuff builds up. It was a process, it was a process to get in and it was a process to get out.”

Earlier this year, the artist expressed his strength to continue his fight against depression and anxiety in a tweet.

“I may have anxiety or depression, but they do not have me” Lecrae tweets. “Even if I have to fight them my whole life, God will give me the grace to do it.”

Lecrae manages his anxiety and depression through meditation, therapy, and prayer.

“You have to try something new to get a new result,” Lecrae states referring to his new methods to maintain his mental health. “You have to push yourself somewhere that you haven’t been to see something that you haven’t seen.”

The songwriter discusses his prior thoughts about therapy and meditation and how he had to rethink those methods in order to heal.

“I was that person, I was that person who was like ‘I can’t sit still, I got ADD (attention deficit disorder) How am I supposed to meditate?” he says “But it really is a tool and a skill set where you really have to learn to control brain activity and slow down. And in therapy, its not that therapy doesn’t work it’s that you haven’t found the right person.”

Lecrae is adamant about sharing his personal journey with his fans through his music, videos, podcast, and youtube channel. He hopes that his openness will help his fans through the process of healing.

“I wanted to touch people who were really looking for healing and hope and I feel like you get more from people when you give them more,” says Lecrae.

To learn more about Lecrae, his story, and his music, click here and dive into “the World of Restoration.”


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