Lil Baby Investment in ‘Hero Bread’, a Zero-Carb Bread Company


Atlanta rapper, Lil Baby, has been making money moves now involving a new investment with Tom Brady. Food-product, Hero Bread, is a zero-carb, vegan bread that is making it’s way to being a stable in big-brand grocery stores like Walmart and Whole Foods.

Tom Brady was excited about this new business venture. “I’m not the biggest bread guy, but there’s a new bread even I can eat.” In fact, he isn’t the only person backing this investment. Kevin Durant and The Weeknd have joined the team as investors.

“When ya’ll see Hero, ya’ll know Baby in on this,” said Baby. We know Lil Baby is notorious for his bread-making ability and now he is directly involved with Hero Bread. We can learn a thing or two from him, one being to start investing now!

Select Subways now offer the reinvented baked good at select locations, one being in Savannah, GA. Nestle products like Hot Pockets have also hopped on the Hero Bread train! The brand even has a deal with DiGiorno, the frozen pizza brand.

Learn more about Hero Bread and it’s founder, Cole Glass, here.