Ty’Ahna Maray Talks Career, Education, and the Pursuit of Success


The next generation of R&B is on its way and its time to get ready!

JaGurl TV got to tap into the mind of the next upcoming star of our generation, Ty’Ahna Maray. The 21-year old has developed a career for herself as a singer, songwriter, and dancer over a span of seven years in the entertainment industry. Since 2015 she has successfully made a name for herself as a certified artist going on tour, dropping music, and keeping up with her fast paced lifestyle all while being a full time student at Howard University.

How does she balance both these paths that require full time effort? “Honestly I’m still figuring that out, but what I’ve been doing lately is writing everything down. For me, putting it in my phone doesn’t really work because I don’t remember to look at that but just keeping an old school planner and writing everything down works.” Maray explains.

Keeping detailed tabs about when and where she needs to get things done sets her up for success not only as a student but also an artist. “Once you can look at it and have a visual representation of what your schedule can look like then you can prioritize.” This tactic has lead her to a 3.81 GPA while studying political science at one of the most famous HBCU colleges in the country.

“What I like to do is show that I wear many hats and I don’t like to limit myself in any area. I’m truly passionate in so many areas,” said Maray. “What’s a way that I can help change the world? How can I really be certified to do so? Really get to the top where I can help communities and help families and help people who look like me.”

As Maray is figuring out the different aspects of her life, one thing is never in question, and thats her love for music. She recently finished an HBCU tour with DTLR where she got to perform her hit single 5 Mins, along with other songs. “The tour was amazing. It was more so familiar for me because I can just jump in, I’m a personable person. I want to talk to you, I want to meet you, so I just really want to engage with people from different schools.” Maray even brought out her niece out on stage during her on tour and the crowd loved her passion and powerful voice.

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“I look for any opportunity to get out there because I’m up and coming,” Maray proudly stated. With that go getter attitude, she is continuing to work on her career.

So what does 2022 hold? “I have singles coming out all the way up until I drop my project which should be expected.” As she drops these songs up until her album at the top quarter of the year, Mom and dad completely support her. She admitted that her own dad is her manager. Having the family involved will be a recipe for a career full of love and level headedness.