Normani Is The New Face Of Cracker Jill

MONTREAL, QUEBEC - AUGUST 04: Normani performs at the Osheaga Music and Art Festival at Parc Jean-Drapeau on August 04, 2019 in Montreal, Canada. (Photo by Mark Horton/Getty Images)

Normani Kordei Hamilton, Normani for short, is an American singer and dancer who hit the scene running. She was initially 1/5th of the girl group Fifth Harmony before its indefinite intermission. Before the band, she gained public exposure to the music and dance scene by appearing on the talent showcase series, The X-factor, making it through to the second round. This ‘Motivation’ star is trailblazing into a new ballpark, jumping forward through her solo career accolades, including the MTV Music Video and Soul Train awards. Additionally, she has been tapped to leadoff the new Frito-Lay CrackerJack campaign, Cracker Jill

The singer proudly stated, ”Cracker Jill is Cracker Jack reimagined, and I was excited when this partnership came about because I feel like representation is key.” Normani elaborates in an interview with BET on the collaboration and what it means to her. “Looking at the design on the packaging, every girl can see themselves with Cracker Jill. Coming from a sports background as a competitive dancer and gymnast, it was the perfect opportunity to encourage young girls to be boisterous, fierce, and sexy.”

In addition to leading the charge in including the faces of female identity in Cracker Jill and the sports arena, Normani also regenerates the classic baseball anthem, ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame,’ with her flare and inclusion of the new slogan, Cracker Jill. 

“It’s an honor. I fangirled out when the opportunity came and fangirled, even more, when we shot the music video,” she excitedly continues about her representing the pitch. “I just really tried my best to keep it classic while also adding my Normani flare to it. I feel like I’m very present with keeping the integrity and authenticity of what the record has always been and what people have loved for over many years.” Before and beyond this latest movement, Normani remains a positive role model for the youth and young girls especially. “I’m reminded why I do what I do. I’m really a vessel, and I ask God to take me back to why I fell in love with what I do. I’ve come so far, and I’ve always dreamt of being in this position, but I never knew how I would get here,” she continues. “It only takes one negative comment sometimes, and it’s easy to pay attention to the negative comments instead of the positive. I keep my family around and go to Church as often as I can. I constantly remind myself that this is for me, and it starts with me. I’m intentional about my choices. I’m just blessed, and grateful people love me for me and what I have to offer, believing in me the way that I do.”

She teases what to expect from her music career in her walk-off. “You can expect a range. There’s so much dimension to me as a person, so I really want my artistry to reflect that. I would love to collaborate with Lil Nas X. That’s my boo. It doesn’t make sense if we didn’t do anything,” also, “A solo tour is happening, and that’s all I’m going to say!”

While the world awaits the future greatness of Normani, fans and enthusiasts alike can support the new Cracker Jill at CRACKERJILL.COM