Loretta Devine divinely discusses housewives, her older movies, and more!


The talented Ms. Loretta Devine stopped by The Wendy Williams Show, and discussed how everything going on in her life seems to be just devine! The Waiting to Exhale actress discussed her older movies, her co-stars, her new show that’s been doing wonders on Netflix, Family Reunion and other variety topics.

“Do you like being called a legend?” Wendy asked, referring to all the many movies Loretta has been in.

“I get nervous about it, because it sorta like means that you’re gonna be dying in any minute” Devine jokingly said, getting a laugh from the audience.

Loretta has been in showbiz for 40 years! When asked what movies does she get mostly recognized for, of course she referred to the classics she’s been in; Waiting to Exhale, This Christmas, Preacher’s Wife and even her new show Family Reunion!

Wendy brought up the Lela Rochon and Nichole Murphy alleged drama, and what were Loretta’s thoughts on it and Devine classily bypassed the question with bringing up her show Family Reunion.

“Tia Mowry, oh I love her. Tia is so excellent in this .. I mean she has this Lucille Ball kind of flavor that makes you really laugh, belly laugh”

She talks how wonderful Anthony Alabi plays Tia husband, and that Richard Roundtree plays her husband which Wendy refers to as a legend as well. Wendy also dabbles in how Loretta is a huge fan of the housewives, and they briefly discussed Kenya Moore which led Devine to say that she is happy that Kenya is holding a peach.

You can watch the full interview down below!