Cardi B calls out Donald Trump over Police Brutality


Police brutality is one of the biggest issues of today, and people are overly tired of it. Platinum selling artist, Cardi B does not shy away of her emotions on how she feels about the topic. Voicing her thoughts on the issue on her instagram live, Cardi B had a lot to say about Donald Trump.

“He don’t care” the rapper referred to how Trump has been handling police brutality. The rapper vented on how she would always ask does anyone cares that another black man have been killed by authorities.

“And I stopped saying that because nobody don’t care! Nobody cares. He don’t care. He don’t care” The rapper spoke.

Cardi then compared Trump to former president Barack Obama, stating that Obama always voiced that police brutality is wrong and that he feels and sees it. She stated that Trump doesn’t even recognized that these tragedies are happening. Cardi encourages her fans to get educated about the 2020 candidates, “…so we can get this n—a the f—k out because he don’t give a s—t….”

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