LSU offers Zaila Avante-Garde a Full Scholarship


Zaila Avante-Garde, the first back female to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee, gets offered a full scholarship for Louisiana State University (LSU).

LSU president William F Tate IV took to Twitter to share the exciting.

“Zaila Avante-Garde @basketballasart performed at the highest level in the National Spelling Bee,” he wrote on Twitter. “Your academic performance scholarship first! You modeled intellectual excellence. @LSU_Honors awaits. I write to offer you a full scholarship to attend LSU. Here for you!”

Following her historic win, Avante-Garde received three college offers. Southern President-Chancellor Ray L. Belton also took to Twitter to announce his offer.

“I am pleased to announce that @Southernu_BR is offering #ZailaAvantgarde a full scholarship and “#Zaila Day” at SU, part of the nation’s only #HBCU system. Our student leaders, faculty and alumni look forward to meeting with you. We welcome you to the #JaguarNation! #WeAreSouthern,” Bolton wrote.

Avante-Garde dazzling personality, infectious smile, and array of talents has won not only a spelling bee, but has enchanted the nation.