Major Music Festivals Cancelled Due To Coronavirus


Event attendees all around the world have been thrown into a frenzy after finding out their big plans have been cancelled due to Coronavirus.

Everyone around the world seems like they are trying to do the best they can to avoid the spread and contact of corona virus. From increased hygiene awareness to the cancellation of major events, Coronavirus definitely has all of our attention right now.

Companies like Apple, Facebook, and Twitter have been taking multiple precautions in support of it’s employees and it’s clients in the fight against corona. Twitter and Apple have encouraged their staff to work from home over the next few weeks. They have also been pulling their involvement in major events around the world including Austin’s 34th-annual tech and culture conference, South By South West. Once major companies start pulling out from these events, organizers are forced to cancel or postpone.

South by Southwest is not the only one who had to adjust their schedule. Pearl Jam, the Seattle based grunge band festival, postponed the first leg of its tour. The country music festival Stagecoach, which takes place in California in April has also been postponed. But hearts were crushed all around the world to find out that the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival has postponed their festivities until October. Concert goers of all ages have gathered in the deserts of southern California in April for the last twenty years to participate in this multi-million dollar music festival. So moving it to October was a shock for some, but thankfully acts like Frank Ocean, Travis Scott are still scheduled to perform.

Countries all around the world are cancelling major events as well, in regards to the safety of its people. Ireland’s government has cancelled their St. Patrick’s Day Parade. While the prime minster of Japan is working to cancel their famous Cherry Blossom Festival .

Event goers all around the world are getting hit with news that their plans may have to change. Although many are disappointed in having to adjust their plans, it seems like the best thing to do until this all dies down. Coronavirus or not, health and safety should be every government’s number one priority.