Mary J Blige Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of ‘My Life’ Album


Mary J Blige gets candid on the 25th Anniversary of her album ‘My Life’. In a celebratory post for what was her sophomore album, Blige says the collection was needed for her to heal, “25 years ago this album was released, and I didn’t know what it would do, or how successful it would be. I was in so much pain and was ready to check out, and I know I needed to say these things, to get them off my chest,” Blige captioned a video on her Instagram shadowing the album’s achievements.

Once the album was released, it not only helped Blige through her pain, it served as a gift for many fans as well. ‘My Life’ opened “doors” to people who were experiencing similar emotional pain, Blige added. “It touched, so many people lives in the world. It gave me confirmation that I wasn’t alone and we had to fight for our lives. The fight wasn’t pretty and is still hard at times, but we keep fighting. And now we are here as an example that if we outlast our opposition, keep fighting and don’t give up; Life will continue to get better.”

My Life as released Nov 29, 1994 by Uptown Records and became the year’s best selling album, according to The GRAMMY-nominated project was mostly produced by Sean “P Diddy “ Combs and Chucky Thompson and included hits “I’m Going Down,” “Mary Jane,” and “I Love You.” The album received many accolades such as 50 Essential Female Albums by Rolling Stone in 2002 and Top 100 Albums of All Time by TIME magazine.