Mary J. Blige Leads A New Beast Cancer Awareness Campaign, ‘The P.O.W.E.R of Sure’


The ladies of daytime talk show The Real, makes it a priority to talk about women’s health and wellness in all departments of their life. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, the show is giving the ladies a platform to educate and spread information that can benefit the community. In honor of this public service, fans of the show were given the 411 on a new breast cancer awareness project brought to you by the legendary Mary J. Blige.

GRAMMY award winning artist, award nominated actress, and global superstar Mary J. Blige is a woman who has worn many hats during the course of her career. She is putting on a new hat by being the face of a campaign called “The P.O.W.E.R of Sure”. The initiative spells out an acronym which according to Mary, “P.O.W.E.R stands for Prevention, Own you health journey, Wellness, Early detection, Results.”

Mary expresses that the initiative is “deeply personal and extremely important” because she had an aunt who passed from breast cancer. “I believe if she had this information about how important a mammogram is or if she had access to the proper healthcare or could afford it she would be alive today.”

Many do not know that 40% of Black women are likely to die from breast cancer then White or Hispanic. “Its about getting the message out about how important your health is. Your health is your wealth and not just telling people like I think I have been a real strong example because I didn’t care about myself at all at one point in my life. But now it’s all about monograms, it’s all about annual checkups, it’s all about facials, it’s all about anything that is healthy for your body. So this is what this is all about. This is about healthcare and taking care of yourself,” Mary proudly stated.

She concluded by saying, “A mammogram could save your life so don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about it that you didn’t do it yet, it’s never too late.”

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