Mary J. Blige Shares Her Self Love Affirmations Through ‘Good Morning Gorgeous’ Music


Mary J Blige is a R&B soul artist who is known for expressing her feelings and sharing the experiences she has gone through in her music. February 11th, she dropped her 14th album titled Good Morning Gorgeous where she had some features such as Dave East, Fivo Foreign, and more. One of the producers for this project even included the legendary, DJ Khaled. In this album she displayed self love and lyrics that share her self love affirmations.

Mary J. Blige posted a video on her YouTube channel a video where she is sharing her morning affirmations. She breaks down what Good Morning Gorgeous means to her. She hypes it up by saying, “Healing sometimes we think about it as covering up, hair, makeup ,jewelry but true healing starts with in.“ She continues, “When you get to a point where you can wake up in the morning standing on top of your hard crust in your eyes, slob all on your face and walk to that mirror and say good morning gorgeous”. She explains that true healing when you can love yourself at your worst and be in love with the rareness of you, without all that stuff.

Good Morning Gorgeous to Blige means healing from the inside out. This is mentally, spiritually, and physically. Make sure to check out on all platform Good Morning Gorgeous.

Watch the full affirmation below: