Megan Thee Stallion is Jingling Money Bags with Coach Fashion Campaign


Megan Thee Stallion is displaying more of her love for fashion during her 2019 campaign with Coach. A big congratulations is in order as this is the perfect campaign for the holiday season. The “Wonder For All” campaign is a Coach collaboration including Megan The Stallion, Yara Shahidi, Kate Moss, Spike and Tonya Lee. This campaign also showcases the Horse and Carriage collection which includes bright, ready to wear colors that represent New York style. In the campaign photo shows Megan riding a Merry-Go-Round horse that represents her “Stallion” brand. 

During New York fashion week we saw Megan Thee Stallion make an appearance during Coach’s 2020 show. The picture she snapped beside fashion icon Anna Wintor front and center of the show was a foreshadowing of the anticipation of this collection. This is Megan’s first fashion campaign and she has been making moves that will propel her forward in the fashion industry. Keep pumping out your hot girl energy into the world!