Will Smith Drops legendary video of Bad Boys 3 and Coming to America Stars


If you’ve checked out Will Smith’s Instagram lately you will see the legendary moment he posted with him, Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes and Martin Lawrence. Smith captioned the pic “Nothing to see here” with the location stationed at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. Many fans assumed the iconic actors were working on a new project together and flooded the comment section with excitement. Smith later put wondering minds to rest as he dropped a behind the scenes video on Friday capturing what took place just moments before the picture was taken.

In the video, Smith realized Murphy and Snipes were nearby filming Coming to America 2 while he was finishing scenes with Lawrence for Bad Boys 3. Instead of calling to set up a meet up, Smith decided to walk over to the Coming to America set to surprise his friends. 

The stars of both films were apparently excited to see one another as all men embraced as the production crew watched from sidelines.

Fans were excited when they heard Bad Boys 3 was in the works.  According to CheatSheet.com Bad Boys for Life is said to be the last movie of the franchise starring Lawrence and Smith. The film will be centered on Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) finally getting the job as detective and Mike Lowry (Smith) suffering from a mid-life crisis. The Partners reunite to track down a mob boss seeking revenge after his brother is murdered. 

When the announcement came that the sequel for Coming 2 America was confirmed fans were thrilled. Coming to America 2 will follow former Prince Akeem (Murphy) who is set to become King of Zamunda once his father gets ill. Akeem later discovers he has a son he never knew about in America – a street-savvy Queens’s native named Lavelle. To honor his father’s dying wish, Akeem and Semi jet back to America to groom this son as the crowned prince.