Meghan Markle Sends Personalized Notes to Women Searching for Jobs


In honor of Women’s History Month, Meghan Markle sends personal notes across the pond to women currently job hunting.

The recipients of the personalized letters were clients of Smart Works. Smart Works is an organization based in the UK that supports women as they reenter the workforce. By providing women coaching tips and professional attire, Smart Works teaches vulnerable women skills to acquire a job.

The organization revealed on Tuesday that the Duchess of Sussex wished their clients luck with personalized notes.

Along with signing each note, Markle left personalized messages for the clients.

For one woman preparing for a job interview, Markle writes, “You’ll be amazing in your interview! Remember deep breathes and be yourself.”

Smart Works is one of the four patronages Markle supported as a royal. Despite stepping down from her royal title and relocating back to the United States, Markle continues to support Smart Works.

In her first post-maternity leave outing, back in 2019, Markle expressed her admiration for working with Smart Works.

“When I first moved to the U.K., it was incredibly important to me personally to be able to connect with people on the ground who were doing really important work,” Markle says at her capsule launch.

“The reason why I was drawn to Smart Works is that it reframed the idea of charity as community….it’s a network of women supporting and empowering other women in their professional pursuits.”