Michael B Jordan’s Marketing Agency, Obsidianworks, to Partner with 160over90


Michael B. Jordan continues to use his platform to create change. Wednesday, cultural marketing agency 160over90 announced their partnership with Jordan’s Obsidianworks, a marketing agency co-founded by the actor.

In an exclusive interview with Variety, the actor explains how his recent business endeavor will encourage the representation of people of color in the media.

“I think it continues the conversation on a different scale with this partnership,” Jordan tells Variety. “To be able to reach brands, to be able to continue that conversation across the board, I think is really important. We’re present in these rooms to be able to call bullshit, to be like ‘Hey, listen in our humble opinion, this isn’t authentic, this isn’t real.”

“Sometimes when you’re changing systems, and you’re disrupting things, and you’re evolving something into different, sometimes it’s easier to lead by example,” he continues. “It’s about just going out and doing it and just building it.”

Jordan cofounded Obsidanworks with Chad Easterling, a marketing executive for Nike. The duo leads the agency along with a team of senior leadership. The team includes nonprofit advisor Rene Spellman and creative marketing agency Bobby Moore III.

“We created Obsidianworks to offer ambitious brands something new, brave, and different,” said Easterling, co-founder, and CEO of Obsidianworks. “An agency that reflects the diverse community that we belong to and reminds the industry that ‘multicultural marketing’ is mainstream marketing. We are proud to be partnering with 160over90 to expand our capabilities and help brands and talent benefit from a wider range of stories and storytellers, and reach vital communities, especially Gen-Z and millennials, in new ways.”

Both companies view their partnership as a tool to enforce inclusion in marketing.

“Michael and Chad are exactly what we look for in partners: multi-hyphenates with vision, passion, and courage,” said Ed Horne, president of 160over90. “They know what it takes to capture—and keep—attention. We are so proud to invest in the growth of Obsidianworks and look forward to working with them to deliver culturally relevant work brands can’t find anywhere else.”