Michelle Obama And Ellen DeGeneres Donate to D.C. Public School


First Lady Michelle Obama and TV host Ellen DeGeneres, came together for Southeast DC public schools. The two ladies donated $100,000 and an Apple computer lab to Randall Highlands elementary school in Washington DC. Students and faculty both received gifts from computer giant Apple, such as iPads and laptops. The giveaway was filmed for a segment of the Ellen show called “Greatest Night of Giveaways”. 

Statistics show that DC public schools have seen continuous growth in reading and math points over the last 10 years despite challenges faced by its students. Randall Highlands principal, Kirstie Edwards, says that 65 percent of Randle Highlands students are in the foster care system or homeless. Obama tweeted, ”I had so much fun putting a smile on all these little faces from Randall Highlands elementary school in Washington DC.” The surprise can be watched on the NBC app. 

Edwards and her staff ensure that their student’s needs are met and they are in a safe space. They provide free lunch to over 350 students, washer and dryer accommodations, a cooking club and have sometimes  provided groceries for students and their families from their own personal resources. In addition to the technology and monetary donation, there are plans for the school to get a new basketball court. Obama and DeGeneres wanted to recognize the staff for all they do and ensure that they made it easier to continue to provide for those students.