Miley Cyrus Hosts A Series of Live-Streams Called ‘Bright Minded’ And Discusses Celebrity Issues


As we are getting settled into our new lives of social distancing, everyone is finding creative ways to stay entertained and connected. Instagram live-streams have been at an all time high from people sharing at-home workouts to people sharing Tik-Tok dances with their family. Singer and actress, Miley Cyrus, has joined the trend by creating her own live-stream series called Bright Minded, where she chats with celebrities about major issues.

So far Miley has had guests like Demi Lovato, where she talked about anxiety and body shaming, Amy Schumer who talked about news influence, and now Hailey Bieber who talked about sexuality and spirituality. This week she is expected to have Ellen DeGeneres, Instagram personality Rickey Thompson, and her former co-star Emily Osment.

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Tune in tomorrow 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM PT!

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Bright Minded has an upbeat theme song that will fill you with joy in just 30-second. “If you wanna be bright minded/ There’s just one place to go/ When you’re stuck at home and the time is tickin’ slow,” she sings over a cowboy keyboard riff. Check out the full theme here!

According to Billboard, “Bright Minded” is an acronym for each subtopic she plans to address with her celebrity guests. Blessings/curses of social media, Reliable sources, Immune boosters, Getting active, Healthy anxiety, Thoughts and attention/toxins, Memories, Inflammation, Negative thoughts, Dedicating 15 minutes to something new and Sleep.

The show is real, raw, and fun, just like Miley! We are looking forward to listening to interesting topics during a time when tension is so high. Episodes air Monday-Friday at 11:30 a.m. PT. We can’t wait to hear who Miley has on the show next.