Mona Scott-Young Talks New Book and MYX Fusions!


The true definition of super powers!

Mona Scott-Young has been in this game for twenty years and is still dominating everything that she does. This Executive Producing Media Mogul is far from shy when it comes time too planning, building and achieving! From management, to executive producing, Ms. Scott-Young is a living legend who has truly shaped and shaken the entertainment industry.

With the Love & Hip Hop franchise being a huge hit, it would only be right for Mona to create a new storyline from a different point of view, in a book. The new book entitled Blurred Lines: A Love and Hip Hop Novel is a fiction romantic novel that is set to keep your jaws dropping. Partnering with fellow Author Courtney Parker, this book is said to be just as juicy as Love & Hip Hop.

Mona celebrated her book release in Atlanta Georgia at a private location on August 4th. When we asked her what secrets of her’s does she wish would have stayed a secret she replied,”I don’t have any secrets, I’m an open book. Trust me, my life is so boring, there is nothing to hide.” In attendance was Momma Dee (lil Scrappy’s mom), Mimi Faust, Toward Braxton, and more.

In addition to her new novel, Mona also launched her new flavor of Myx Fusions Beverage (a Moscato liquor company which she launched with Nicki Minaj) called Concord grape; in which they doubled the alcohol per bottle making it now 13%. This collaboration happened back in 2013 and is continuing to flourish.

Days after her private release, Mona appeared on The Porsche Foxx Morning Show on Mix 87.7fm in Atlanta. During the interview, Mona stated she is living her best life! “I’m going to check the box of everything I ever wanted to do, and it’s really about testing the limits of what I’m made of what I can accomplish before I lay down to take my final rest. I just want to be able to say I didn’t, I did it all and hopefully I did it well.”

Mona continues to break barriers and set examples for young women to follow their dreams and to take the first step towards your goal. “A lot of times we tend to make things more complicated and a lot more overwhelming or intimidating then they need to be. We all have gifts, we just have to figure out what those gifts are, tap them, step into them and then take the steps towards accomplishing whatever it is.” Mona stated.